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Nihil tam difficile est,

quin quaerendo investigari possit.

Dear Reader,

we are pleased that you have chosen ©immuxøl. In the following we would like to give you some explanatory information about the hop polyphenols contained in it:


What are hop polyphenols? 

Basically: Every plant contains polyphenols. These provide the defenses for the plant itself. The highest polyphenol content is found in their seeds or fruits (protection of the plant embryo). By consuming these fruits, these unique, plant-specific antibodies (polyphenols) together with vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. are passed on to our immune system – a trick of creation! Worldwide, however, there is only one plant that develops its own defense substances (polyphenols) in such a compact and complex manner as hops. In order for these to get into our bloodstream, however, very special transmitters are always required because polyphenols themselves are insoluble in water and can therefore only develop in the body with the catalytic help of appropriate vitamin and mineral derivatives.

©Immuxøl has combined these effective forces. One ©Immuxøl tablet contains 3,4 mg hop polyphenols. Thanks to its specific combinatorial requirements, the ©Immuxøl secret formula will prevent cheap imitations from being produced.

We wish you good health!

Your FEAT GmbH team

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