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FEAT GmbH is a collaborative venture of the FEAT-Foundation (promotor of scientific research). Through them, FEAT Foundation research inventions reach the market. One of them is ©Immuxøl. See short preview

As part of an innovative science research project on nutritional cognitive support for the human immune system, FEAT Foundation scientists have been able to neo-methodically decipher numerous phytonutritive substances, some of which have very different efficacies, but at the same time form a complementary unitary principle. One of the results of this interdisciplinary applied research is a high-quality and complex nutritional supplement, which is now being developed causally versus symptomatically. This concept is primarily based on the long-term stabilization of our immune system.

You can find more detailed information under  Immuxøl

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Legal Notice: The fragments of its scientific research expertise issued by the FEAT Foundation are the sole responsibility of the FEAT Foundation itself. In particular, the medical science statements therein have no correlation to FEAT GmbH and are not received or interpreted as such by the latter. In conformity with the Prevention Act (BMG), the innovation science findings on the part of the FEAT Foundation are purely informational and only serve to substantiate the findings obtained from the research cabinet of the FEAT Foundation. They are expressly not intended to provide advice or even advertising products and are generally clearly distinguished from FEAT GmbH, as the latter is not liable for any content on the pages of the FEAT Foundation and does not otherwise accept any responsibility for their (legal) correctness.